We have to be responsible while naming people, avoid media trial: Pooja Bhatt on Vikas Bahl controversy

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Mumbai, Oct 07 (ANI): Bollywood director Pooja Bhatt on sexual harassment allegations against director Vikas Bahl that cropped up recently in the #MeToo movement said “We have to be responsible while naming people and avoid media trial.” Pooja Bhatt said, “You’ve to teach your young girls and boys that there will be somebody who might want to exploit you, you’ve to stand up to that and also for others who’re getting exploited. Don’t dismiss someone raising their voice.” “Every man can’t be sexual predator and every woman not necessarily is a victim, sometimes she’s also a perpetrator. To expect people to stand for you is very myopic. Stand up and fight to bring out your truth. Truth doesn’t need PR,” added Pooja Bhatt.

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