Who Made Salman Khan CRY On His 50th Birthday? Find out!

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Watch the video We all saw how Salman Khan had a rocking 50th birthday yesterday, all thanks to his loving family and friends who made sure he celebrates his golden jubilee in the grandest way possible! The arrangements were beautiful and so were the surprises right from the three-tiered dream cake to the celebrity guests! However, it was during this special video that Bhai got extremely emotional!which basically had his school principal, teachers and friends wishing him in a special way. But much did anyone expect even Sanjay Dutt had sent in a message for Salman! Yes! Dutt despite being in the jail, managed to convey a sweet handwritten letter for Salman through this video! Aww! Can you believe it?Our source present reveals how Salman instantly got teary eyed as soon as Sanjay’s letter flashed on the screen! For all that we know, Salman shares a very special bond with Sanju! He is waiting for Sanju to get freed from jail next year! In fact, Salman had even quoted once saying, “When he comes out after finishing his sentence, then he will be free…clean man. That is what we want and that is when we will party.

Watch the Video below

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