Winning the national award fetched me a lot of love: Zaira Wasim

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New Delhi, Oct 03 (ANI): Zaira Wasim, who is all geared up for her upcoming film ‘Secret Superstar’ is quite keen on pursuing her education and is studying humanity as she has a lot of interest in psychology and philosophy. “Fortunately, my studies have not stopped and they won’t. I am keen on completing my education. I had taken up humanity in STD 11. I took up humanity as human behaviour enchants me a lot. I am attracted towards knowing more about people. Reading their psychology also interests me to a huge extent. I love to learn the troubled minds of people. Also, thus slowly and gradually try to calm down their anxieties and troubled minds. This helps to control my emotions as well. I too have developed the knack of holding the calmness of my mind at turbulent times,” she elaborated. Having received open arms reception in Bollywood, she shared, “I have not made any friends except Aamir’s family. We are close to them. Also, whenever I come to Mumbai, I do not go out much. I am like that even back home. I have a few friends from my school days. After receiving the national award, life has changed in only one manner and that is-I get loads of love where ever go. Life is otherwise the same.” Speaking of her stellar debut in Dangal, she anxiously gushes, “I am blessed that I am working with great people. I can only say, “Yes, I am lucky to have been bestowed upon a chance to work in the national award winning film.” ‘Secret Superstar,’ which also has a quirky extended cameo from Aamir Khan, releases on October 19.

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