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Witnesses tell of NY blast aftermath | Webmarked News

Witnesses tell of NY blast aftermath

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Witnesses describe the scene after a blast which rocked the Chelsea neighbourhood of New York City. Paul Chapman reports.

Witnesses tell of NY blast aftermath

Investigators say they’re treating Saturday night’s blast in the Chelsea district of New York City as a criminal act rather one linked to any terror organisation.

At least 29 people were hurt in the explosion, one of them seriously.

It wasn’t immediately clear what caused the blast.

New York’s Mayor said it was an intentional act but authorities weren’t describing it as a bombing.

Witnesses described the scene and its aftermath.


“It was like a big ball, like a volcano, put it that way because in the centre was red and out of it was white, it was a white cloud. Everybody that I saw was stunned, they was shocked, how can I explain it to you, they were coughing. Some people said some people’s eardrums probably had busted because the sound was so loud.”

Police said a sweep of the neighbourhood following the blast revealed a possible secondary device a short distance away.

Some reports, citing law enforcement sources, said it appeared to be a pressure cooker with wires attached, connected to what resembled a cellphone.

The reports said a note was also attached to the device which was removed by the bomb squad early on Sunday.

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