Woman techie describes horrific ordeal with mob mafia, alleges police involvement

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Bengaluru (Karnataka), Oct 16 (ANI): A Bengaluru techie was assaulted by over 150 people on Sunday after she reported a case of alleged illegal cow slaughter taking place in Talaghattapura area located on the outskirts of the city. The victim, identified as Nandini, also blamed police for not taking any action while also stating that she felt ‘trapped’ in the situation. She further informed that though police promised to take action against the alleged illegal cow mafia, the words proved to be hollow. Describing the entire ordeal to ANI, Nandini said, “We noticed illegal beef shops when we had gone on a visit to the area. 14 cows were tied there, out of which two calves were being taken to a small room in a nearby area for slaughter. Being animal lovers, we rushed to the nearest police station in Talaghattapura and registered a complaint. We were assured that action is being taken, and police officers are deployed in the area.” She also alleged that the mob was shouting pro-Pakistan slogans while throwing big boulders and glass bottles on them. The techie somehow managed to save her life by driving ahead in full pace.

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