“World’s best bartender” goes to a woman

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A bartender from France is the first woman to be crowned “best bartender in the world.” Linda So reports.

“World’s best bartender” goes to a woman

Making her mark in a field typically dominated by men.

Jennifer Le Nechet of France is the first woman to be crowned the world’s best bartender.

The 29-year-old beat out nearly 10,000 competitors from around the world to win the coveted title.


“I don’t believe it. It’s crazy, I worked so hard for this competition. I don’t believe it.”

Le Nechet shook her way to the top after showcasing her best drinks to a panel of judges.

She was among 6 finalists who were given 24 hours to design a pop-up bar. They were tested on accuracy, speed, originality and creativity.

This is the eighth year for the contest, organized by Diageo, the world’s biggest alcoholic drinks group.

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