‘You cannot connect the world without connecting India’: Zuckerberg (Part 1)

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New Delhi, Oct 28 (ANI): Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday said that his mission is to connect everyone in India to the internet during a QandA session in Townhall of IIT Delhi. He said India has the second highest users of Facebook in the world which presents a good opportunity to develop the economy and added that he wishes to get the next billion people online who do not have internet access. He further said that connecting people in India is one of the most important things that can be done for the world and reiterated his mission is to connect everyone in the world. On being asked about the repeated ‘candy crush requests’ being received he assured in reply that he would find a solution to this. Mark shared about his future projects using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and said that within five-ten years shall introduce a computer system which could conceive AI better. On being asked an amusing question of ‘if given a super power’ he asserted, one of the great things about technology is that one can build superpowers from people. Mark expressed immense support to net neutrality when asked about whether he supports net neutrality with or without filters. Mark also shared his views on ideal start-ups and said any successful organization has always been establi

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